Arguably the 'vital ingredient' in creating the feel, mood and atmosphere within a space, lighting has evolved into an art-form, and as such one can get it so right and transform an audience almost anywhere they desire, or get it so wrong that the mood is instantly extinguished. 

Interestingly, one of the issues with lighting is the “distraction of lights”. So how do you get this right? The first port of call is truly understanding what it is you are trying to create in as far as the atmosphere within a space. Are you wanting a warm or bright feel? Passive or active? Do you need movement? Colour? Then, of course, the other question is budget. 

The good news is that the pricing on lighting is the most affordable it has ever been, allowing us to achieve so much more today for so much less. 

All our lights comply with Australian Standards for safe operation. Talk to our experts who have decades of experience in the artform of lights to create that special place, be it in a church, worship centre, cafe, restaurant, theatre or wherever it may be desired.

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